The Best Tattoo Artists in Melbourne, FL

Tattoo Artists, Apprentices & Resident Guest Artists

Robbie Ripoll
Tattoo Artist & Owner

Robbie Ripoll is a name known around the world. His artistic specialties include New School, Realism, Surrealism, Bold Color, and Undetectable Coverups. The things this guy can achieve with a needle in the skin have been referred to as magic more times than can be counted.

A 25+ year tattoo veteran and Florida native, Robbie has been on the number one tattoo competition tv show Inkmaster, featured in Inkedmag YouTube videos and a ton of other press, won a bunch of awards for his tattoos, and is an overall super Rad human!!!

Robbie is one of the most badass amputees and motivational speakers you’ll ever meet! His story is not for the faint of heart but will make you feel… growth is his most impressive skill as he turns every situation into a winning or a learning experience. Speaking of learning experiences, Robbie is the creator of The Rad Movement, a motivational platform that he created to change the lives of humans who resonate with the message of love and living our best lives.

An avid wakeboarder (even with one leg), gym rat, lover, father, tattoo artist, car enthusiast, visionary, spouse, friend, and someone who gives a fuck about you, Robbie is the choice for anyone who wants to have the Rolls Royce of tattoo experiences.

Donna Jean
Tattoo Apprentice

Donna is one of our owners and the original “shop mom”. She is one of the originators of Rad Ink  and has been a huge part of studio design, customer service standards, branding, operations, human love and support, our website, and more.

Being a full time mom to her and Robbies son Zen has her stepping back from the day to day roles and is focusing her attention on taking care of baby Zen, managing and editing our website, as well as handling a number of behind the scenes tasks including promotional work.

Dillon Ohara Brown
Tattoo Artist

Dillon Bio Coming Soon!

Dustie Pitstick
Resident Guest Tattoo Artist

Dustie Bio Coming Soon!

Geo Cuellar
Resident Guest Tattoo Artist

Geo Bio Coming Soon!