Dana Verrier is a legend up and down the whole east coast! He’s been tattooing for over two decades and has some of the smoothest black and gray tattoos you’ve ever seen! These are some of the many reasons we feel so proud to have him as a part of our team. And if you’ve lived in Brevard county you’re bound to have heard his name and seen his work around. Dana loves black and gray tattoos but is well versed in many styles and is down to create a one of a kind masterpiece for you.

In his free time he enjoys fishing, riding his Harley, and working on his business where he makes guitars out of cigar boxes. How cool is that? We actually have some Dirty South Cigar Box guitars hanging on the wall waiting for you to buy them.

Come get a tattoo from Dana to find out why he’s a local legend and so many folks favorite Tattooer!

His Latest Works