Lyndsey finished her apprenticeship under Robbie Ripoll in late 2021.

The way this young lady understands art is on a whole ‘nother level & she brings it to you in her surrealistic funky fun style.

Being a person who doesn’t subscribe to societal norms, also goes by the name Lyzard. It’s a nickname she picked up along her journey that just kinda stuck! One of the most unique and awesome individuals that you will ever meet, our very own

Lyzard is will always do her best to deliver a one of a kind tattoo, that you will cherish for a lifetime every time!!!!

Prone to paint would be a super accurate way to describe Lyzard. She muraled her entire bedroom including the ceiling. And can be found on any given day inside the shop or out, making art of some kind.

She’s part hippie, part rad old biker dude, an old soul, and a kick ass person to spend quality time with while getting a rad new tattoo.

Her Latest Works