Tim Shubert

billy haydock headshot

Tim Shubert has been a household name in the Melbourne Florida tattoo scene for over 20 years and the Rad Ink crew couldn’t be happier to have him join us!!!!

He has a unique artsy avant garde style that attracts humans from far and wide! Speaking of art, this guy is an art machine. He is always at the easel creating some experimental, ethereal, fun, thought provoking, outside of the box, or just plain fun art. His style has become super recognizable in the Melbourne tattoo and art scenes. 

Art isn’t the only thing, he enjoys bowling, spending time with the family, and being a deep thinker. Tim has an amazing energy and the amount of love he puts into everything he does is impressive and inspirational. 

The art of Tim Shubert is everywhere in this town. From murals, to homes, to tattoo shops, to restaurants and more. And now his art can be on your body at the one and only Rad Ink. So come experience what Tim has to offer your body and walls.


(321) 499-3357

760 W New Haven
Melbourne, Florida 32901