by Macklin

robbie ripoll headshot

Mack has been around tattoo shops since he was a preteen. His family got tattooed by Robbie which is where it all began! He has been getting tattooed for around two decades. In addition to his extensive and ever growing tattoo collection he has undergone some rad body modifications including a moon shaped subdermal implant in his hand and a tongue split. He has gotten to experience human body suspension a number of times as well. To say this dude is comfortable around a needle is an understatement. 

Needles aren’t all this man is good with! He’s been a chef and still loves to cook, and is pretty darn good at it too. He’s been in construction as well as cosmetology, but found his happiest place in the piercing world. 

A mouth full of gold, a neck full of jewelry and a piercing needle in hand, Big Mack has got your back. He’s always into going to extremes so bring your craziest piercing ideas, because who knows what kind of cool stuff he can do on you! 


(321) 499-3357

760 W New Haven
Melbourne, Florida 32901