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Welcome to Rad Ink, Melbourne Florida’s premier destination for new school tattoos and an array of other popular styles. Our award-winning artists are renowned for their creativity, precision, and dedication to the craft of tattooing – especially when it comes to the new school tattoo style. At Rad Ink, we marry innovation with tradition, offering our clients an unrivaled tattoo experience. Our mastery of new school tattoos, characterized by their vibrant colors and exaggerated dimensions, coupled with our versatility in other styles, sets us apart.

History Of The New School Style

The new school tattoo style emerged in the 1970s as a rebellion against the traditional and often limited styles of tattooing. It was initially inspired by alternative subcultures such as skateboarding, graffiti, and hip-hop music which valued individuality and self-expression. The style quickly gained popularity among younger generations seeking bold and unconventional tattoos.

History Of The New School Style

New School Vs Old School Tattoos

While old school tattoos tend to have a more traditional and simplistic approach with limited color palettes, new school tattoos are characterized by their exaggerated dimensions, vibrant colors, and cartoon-like imagery. New school tattoos often incorporate elements from pop culture such as cartoon characters, video games, and psychedelic designs.

Characteristics Of New School Tattoos

New school tattoos are known for their vibrant colors, exaggerated proportions, and a fusion of various styles such as cartoon, graffiti, and pop art. They often feature bold outlines and a high level of detail, making them visually striking and eye-catching. The subject matter can range from whimsical characters to abstract designs, allowing for endless possibilities.

Our Award-Winning New School Tattoo Artists

At Rad Ink, we pride ourselves on having some of the best new school artists in Florida. Each one of our award-winning artists brings a unique style and perspective to the new school tattooing process, ensuring that each client receives a one-of-a-kind piece of art. Our team is dedicated to creating tattoos that not only look great but also exceed our clients’ expectations.

Our Award-Winning New School Tattoo Artists

Why Choose Rad Ink?

Aside from our talented artists and expertise in new school tattoos, Rad Ink offers a comfortable and welcoming environment for all our clients. We prioritize hygiene and safety, ensuring that our equipment is sterilized and maintained regularly. Our staff is knowledgeable and experienced, always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about the tattoo process.

Other Popular Styles Offered

While we specialize in new school tattoos, our artists are skilled in various other styles as well, including traditional, black & grey, and watercolor. We believe that every tattoo should be unique and personal to the individual receiving it, which is why we offer a wide range of styles to choose from. Our tattoo artists will work with you to create a custom design that reflects your vision and personality.

Rad Ink: Where Creativity Meets Tradition

At Rad Ink, we believe in combining the innovation of new school tattoos with the tradition and history of tattooing. We honor the roots of tattoo art while pushing boundaries and creating unique designs for our clients. Our commitment to excellence and passion for the craft make us a top choice for tattoo enthusiasts in Melbourne Florida and beyond.

Rad Ink: Where Creativity Meets Tradition

Community Involvement

At Rad Ink, we are proud to be a part of the vibrant and diverse community in Melbourne Florida. We regularly participate in local events and support various charitable causes as a way to give back to our community. Tattooing is more than just art for us – it’s about building connections and making a positive impact in our community.

Tattoo Aftercare

We understand that getting a tattoo is a big commitment, which is why we provide detailed aftercare instructions to ensure your tattoo heals properly and looks its best. We also offer touch-up sessions if needed to make sure your new school tattoo retains its vibrancy and detail for years to come.

The Future Of New School Tattoos

As the tattoo industry continues to evolve and expand, we are excited to see where new school tattoos will go in the future. Our team is always staying updated on trends and techniques to provide our clients with the best possible tattoo experience. We can’t wait to see what amazing designs and styles will emerge in the world of new school tattoos.

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